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Solid works plays a major role in nowadays mechanical design sector. It is a software designed for mechanical design engineers. Solid works is designed and developed by solid works corporation, headquarter in USA, a subsidiary of Dessault systems.

Solidworks provides a full range of integrated modelling, simulation, visualization,communication and validation tools that product designer’s maid to develop better products faster and lower cost. In addition, its unique capabilities enable the mechanical designer to concentrate on the product design

The main characteristics of solid works are:

  • High precision.
  • Less time consumption.
  • Reduce proto typing costs.
  • Product information managing is more effective.
  • High quality rendering.

Solid works modules include:

  • Part modelling.
  • Assembly modelling.
  • Surface modelling.
  • Sheet metal design.
  • Drawing.

Features of Solid works

  • Feature-based
  • Parametric
  • Solid modelling
  • Fully associative
  • Constraints