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Primavera is the project planning software which is being widely and commonly used in all sectors. It is the most easiest and accurate software which can be used while planning a project. Primavera is developed by Oracle an American company. It mainly provide planning, scheduling cost and resource management that helps the organization to improve their ability to execute programme or project on time and on budget. It helps the organization to prioritising projects and optimizing the capacity

This software enables the organization to

  • Executing  complex projects with ease
  • Allotting the right person for a project
  • Improving the organizational performance through collaboration
  • Tracking the project’s progress
  • Sound decision making
  • Providing security to the users
  • Identifying ,selecting and prioritizing the right strategicinitiatives
  • Planning and executing projects on time and within budget
  • Mitigating project risk through predictive analysis
  • Earned value performance reports etc…

Primavera helps to achieve the maximum Return on Investment in your projects and programs