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NX CAD is a software from Siemens PLM and it delivers next generations design tools and technologies. To transform product development process into reality. NX design tools are versatile,flexible and productive. NX delivers a breakthrough technology that sets new standard for speed,performance and usability and its innovative synchronous technology that unites parametric and history free modelling to NX active mockup for multi CAD assembly design

It reduces the learning curve by allowing the flexibility of using feature based and parametric design

Features of NXCAD are as follows

  • Feature-Based modelling
  • Parametric modelling
  • Associative

A feature is the smallest building block in a part model. NX CAD follows feature-based approach for product design. You need to remember a few things during component designing in NX. Geometry can be easily changed by modifying dimensions .Features are interrelated using Expressions. Modifications of a single feature propagate changes in other features too,thus preserving design intent

          A relationship, known as the parent/child relationship, is developed between features, when one feature references another. Associativity is the ability to make changes to either geometric or non-geometric information in your part and automatically propagate that change to other products affected by your part

     An application in NX CAD is designed to provide process-specific functionality. You enter an application when you create a new file from an application specific template.

You can always change the application you want to work in .When you open a saved file,it opens in the application in which the file was last saved. Your access to the NX CAD application depends on the licences you buy. NX CAD application can be licensed either individually or in bundles