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Creo Parametric can be said to be standard in 3 dimensional computer aided drafting, and is developed by PTC(Parametric Technology Corporation).Creo Parametric helps to maximise the efficiency in designing and reduce the time consumption .Creo Parametric offers you integrated,parametric,3D,CAD.CAM and CAE solution for making the designing more faster

Creo Parametric is powerful,easy to use,flexible and also fully scalable .It features the industry’s broadest range of 3D solid modelling and design capabilities for creating high-quality designs in minimum time.Capabilities of the package include:

  • Comprehensive 3D Solid Modelling
  • Detailed Documentation :2D and 3D Drawing
  • Surfacing
  • Assembly Modelling
  • Data Inter-operability and Import Data Repair
  • Integrated Web Capabilities

Marketing professionals,industrial designers,engineers, analysts, managers,service  professionals and many other designations ina company’s occupational hierarchy use design software tools that are best suited for their tasks and that work well together, in order to maximize efficiency and accelerate product development processes. Creo Parametric software provides every member involved in the product development process, the right tools needed to achieve the highest quality design in the fastest possible time

Features of Creo Parametric

  • Solid models
  • Simple powerful tools
  • Feature-Based approach
  • Parametric Design
  • Associative

It develops solid modelling and allows to work in three dimensional environment. Creo Parametric was initially released in the year of 2011