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Autocad Elecrical is a software which helps to create schematic,panel layouts, PLC diagrams and reports.In AutoCAD Electrical, the purpose built tools that aid the controls in creating and modifying electrical control system is been already provided, the system is automated and the comprehensive symbol libraries increase the productivity, reduce errors, and accurate information for manufacturing is provided. It increase the capability of Autocad and enables quicker building and management of an electrical controls drawing set.

Autocad Electrical tools mainly focus on the following functions.

  • Managing the projects
  • Multiple Drawing
  • Inter drawing relationship contained in electrical projects
  • Inserting wires,
  • adding wire numbers
  • Managing  circuits and creating point to point wiring diagrams  and drawing
  • Inserting schematic symbols
  • Extracting information’s from drawing to create a bill of materials, wiring and reports