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3ds Max is a 3D modelling software which is developed by Autodesk. 3ds Max mainly includes designing,animation and is being used in creating stunning still and animated visualization that communicate the designs.

      It can be used in Microsoft windows and is being used for video game developing,film animation building design etc…Models from AutoCAD 2D, 3D, Revit Sketchup etc can be imported and rendered more accurately using this software.There are thousands of plugins that can be used to design interior, exterior and environmental designs. Most commonly used plugins are V ray and forest pack

Vray is used for lighting and rendering purpose. Ray light gives us the natural light and Vray rendering will give us to render high quality images and animation outputs. There are so many settings that can be adjust to get different types of outputs

    In forest pack, this plugin used to create models like small stones to large rocks and it can be used to create small plants or grass to large forest. We can manage the plugin early by adjusting the scale and size of the trees or plants. This plugin will help us to create these models without any difficulties in 3ds max software even if we are using low specification systems

3ds max software is a highly graphical software which can only use in systems which have minimum specification of i3 system and having a graphics of 4GB Ram to render the output in fast manner.Overall 3ds max software is a highly using 3D designing software in interior and exterior design and can also use torender 3D models from mechanical software like solidworks, Creo, Ansysetc…